Welcome to Speche Communications

Providing scaleable, realtime streaming text services for integration with Internet depositions, webcasts, and CART applications.

Speche Communications is dedicated to providing realtime access to anyone, anywhere via the internet. Insuring access by all, our scaleable, independent realtime text stream defeats issues relating to firewalls by delivering text in a standard internet format that passes freely through Port 80.

Speche now delivers unrivaled solutions to three distinct realtime applications:
Internet Depositions: The need for realtime access to deposition or courtroom proceedings is no longer confined to conference and courtrooms. With Speche, participants anywhere in the world can now benefit, instantly, from the advanced realtime capabilities provided by today's professional court reporters. Product Tour

Broadcast Events / Webcasts: Demand for realtime streaming media via the Internet is growing every day. Audio and video presentations featuring live news events, shareholder meetings, broadcast interviews and the like are becoming evermore feasible with today's lower bandwidth issues. Speche brings the concept of Broadcast Captioning to the Internet world by seamlessly integrating realtime text with other streaming media. Product Tour

Remote C.A.R.T.: Speche's technology has the ability to broadcast live events to thousands of simultaneous viewers. But on a more personal level, it also opens the door to remote CART (Computer Assisted Real Time) opportunities, providing live, one-on-one access to students and professionals, even in the most remote locations. Product Tour

Regardless of the application, Speche has a proven, powerful, yet simple solution for delivering realtime streaming text to anyone, anywhere, instantly.